Saturday, May 5, 2012

Howdy, Madtown Mob! Nearly had a Sinko- De- Mayo mishap!

Went for a ride to the Blessing of the Bikes this morning with North Fresno H.O.G.. Met for a great breakfast at Yosemite Falls, then across town to the dealership. From there, a pack of about 30 to 40 bikes headed to the church for the blessing ceremony. On our way, a Fresno County Sheriff's deputy made a left turn right in front of the pack, and nearly put the front half dozen bikes down! Barely enough reaction time to avoid broad-siding the idiot! Brakes were locked, tires were slid, nerves were frazzled, but thankfully, no injuries and no riders down! Mute testimony to the riding skills of Bruce and the others in the lead!! I've never flipped a cop off before, but I sure as Hell did this morning! With all the bikers the cops see killed by blind-ass cagers turning left, you'd think they'd open their own damned eyes. I thought about calling the sheriff, or at least the offending moron's watch commander, but that would just be pissin' in the wind. Just goes to show ya that you can't trust ANYBODY, not even a cop who's damned well supposed to know better!

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