Sunday, July 15, 2012

Well, Madtown Mobbers, looks like they turned 'em all loose today!

Took a ride up Hwy 168 to the top of the four lane below Shaver lake to test out the new toy hauler. The trailer towed great, and the truck performed flawlessly, pulling the steepest grade within miles, so we turned around and headed home. On the way back, we came upon two wrecks within a mile. The first was around a blind corner, and looked like an Algore shitbox either stopped or slowed, and a pickup smacked it, sending both into a 10' deep ditch. Not a mile down the road, another pickup hit a tree. Jeez... Just lucky we didn't get tangled up in that! Thanks to whoever waved us to slow down before we came around the blind corner and smacked 'em!

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