Monday, March 19, 2012

Greetings all you 2 wheeled troublemakers!

For those of ya who don't know me, I'm "Buckshot". Been riding since 1962, owned at least one of about everything on two wheels, and never owned one I didn't like an' enjoy. I write for Thunder Press,, and occasionally for other bike magazines. I'm an old road dog, born three days before Moses, an' I don't put up with crap from man, beast or government, as you'll soon learn! Ya may not always agree with me, but I'll damn sure give ya something to ponder in the outhouse! There'll be some short stories, some biker poetry, an' a bunch of stuff that's been rattling around in my head, because everybody's entitled to MY opinion! I'll also keep ya updated on my projects, what I'm building, how I'm doing it, an' what's in store for the future. If I offend ya, be sure ya let me know, so I can keep doin' it! I consider myself an American Patriot, so I'll keep ya informed about what the government's up to as far as steppin' on your rights, an' pushin' ya around. If you're a "progressive", this blog will be rated "Y" for "You won't like it."

I live in the boonies outside Madtown, in central California, where I build custom Harleys, hotrods, an' raise bionic gophers an' trees I'm allergic to. The weather's pretty good for ridin' most of the year, so I do.

I'll include updates on my little wife, Reggie, from time to time as well. She's a handicapped rider, piloting (usually at near supersonic speed) a custom Harley trike I built her. She just won 1st place, People's Choice, Best of Show at the Easyriders show in Sacramento, an' people love her everywhere she goes. My latest build, an "old school" rigid Shovelhead, won a 2nd place in the Judged Old School Chopper class at the Sacramento Easyriders show as well. That's us in the photo below. She's a rider, an' handles as good as she looks!

Stick around, check things out daily, an' you won't be bored. Pissed off, maybe, but not bored! See ya on the road!


  1. it's about time you got off your ass and did something useful.

    1. You sound like my wife, JJ! I finally took everyone's advice and moved into the 21st century. At least somewhat...

  2. Love you page, looking forward to reading what you're up to.
    P.S. You ever go to "Rolling Thunder" in Reno?