Thursday, March 22, 2012

This one kind'a fit me like a glove. That's why I wrote it!

     By Buckshot

I’m a crabby ol’ biker
an’ that’s just a fact
I’ve had people ask me:
”Man… What’s up YOUR crack?”
I don’t give a shit
what the young bikers think,
but I’ll act like I care
if they buy me a drink.

My Shovelhead smokes
an’ it’s grubby as shit
An’ half of the parts
I’ve had to make fit.
But I rode coast to coast
on this old machine,
and the deck of a hardtail
will turn a man mean.

So don’t try to push me
as we stand at the bar,
that kinda shit
won’t get ya too far.
Cause you’ll soon be explainin’
as time comes to pass
how a guy twice your age
had ta kick your young ass!

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