Saturday, March 24, 2012

Liberals, progressives and feminists are causing most of their own problems.

I'll probably catch Hell for this, but that suits me just fine! I'm here pointin' out stupidity where I find it, and some folks are bound to be offended, which makes me contented with life in general.
The Radical Left is crying about the Religious Right passing laws regarding abortion, Voter IDs, and other laws they consider detrimental to their Socialist cause. So... how have the atheists, libs, and progressives caused this, you ask? Well, for decades, the Politically Correct advocates have been pushing the Christian majority around, getting God out of schools, court rooms, and other public places; removing crosses from private property, and getting Nativity scenes banned from malls and church lawns at Christmas. They've even successfully turned Christmas into "Winter Holiday". The Constitution guarantees us freedom OF religion, NOT freedom FROM religion!
Well, now the Christian majority is PISSED, and they're beginning to strike back, and the "Lefties" are screaming like babies! The shoe is on the other foot, and the leading Republican candidates are both pushing Christian values.
 I'm not what folks would call a "Good Christian" I guess, but I do know right from wrong, and the pendulum has started swinging back to what's right. Maybe some day we'll see schools put on Christmas pageants again, see the malls decked out with CHRISTMAS decorations, and have store cashiers wish us a Merry Christmas like they used to!

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