Sunday, August 12, 2012

Howdy, Madtown Mobbers!
Well, we're back from our trip to Sturgis, after wandering through Nevada, Idaho, Montana, South Dakota, Utah, and Nevada again before we had to leave America and re-enter the People's Republic of California. Remember when we didn't have to wear helmets? Yeah, I rode without one for many years before we lost that freedom to the nanny government in the P.R.of C. When you leave California, the gas is cheaper, the roads are better, the speed limits are higher, ( 75mph on most interstates with no lower limit for trucks or cars with trailers.) and NO damn helmets! They still trust you to pump gas first and then pay, and a couple of states had NO sales tax! What a refreshing change! We saw virtually NO graffiti, except some school team names sprayed on water towers, and the roadsides were clean, not because prisoners cleaned them, but because people have pride in their state. Then back to the good ol' P.R. of C., where our laughable excuse for a wanna-be interstate (Hwy 99) is like driving on a paint shaker. Even the secondary roads we traveled in other states were better maintained than Hwy. 99. Just goes to show ya what happens to a state that can't get it's priorities straight!

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