Friday, August 17, 2012

The Dems can't wait to capitalize on tragedy!

Good morning, Madtown Mob! Well, as I figured, the Colorado shootings have re-invigorated our esteemed "Left Wing" to try disarming us again. Their efforts are like being nibbled to death by a duck; they have to be patient, but eventually they'll succeed if we allow them to. If anyone hasn't already, I suggest that the gun owners out there buy themselves an early Christmas (not winter holiday) present of a Seal-A-Meal vacuum food sealing machine. They work great for sealing ammunition, reloading components, and firearms to protect them from moisture. Vacuum sealed ammo will last virtually forever without the ravages of moisture to deteriorate them, and sometime in the future, you may desperately need what you've set aside. With the constitution and Congress being bypassed by "executive order", how long before elections will be bypassed, and a socialist dictatorship is installed in place of our representative republic? Not only that, but with our entire economy being outsourced to China, India and Mexico, it won't be long before people without income or hope will get desperate enough to take what they need to survive by force, which leaves the rest of us in imminent danger when the anarchy starts. Just thinking here, but it's always better to prepare for the worst while praying for the best.

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