Sunday, April 22, 2012

Howdy, Madtown Mob! There was a "cowboy convention" in Clovis today, with cowboy poetry readings. I wrote this for my amigo, Basic Bob, out in Arizona a while back.

By Buckshot

One day I was ridin’ along an ol’ crick,
I’d been roundin’ up strays an’ I’m muddy an’ slick.
The crick looked invitin’, an’ I’m covered with slime,
So I thought to myself that a dip would be fine.

I looked to my left, an I looked to my right,
but me an’ my pony we’re all that’s in sight,
so I slipped off my duds, an’ into the flow,
The temperature must’a been thirty or so.

I splashed an’ I wallered until I was clean,
An’ that’s when I noticed that I’d done been seen.
A rangy ol’ coyote had snuck up to the crick,
he ran off with my longjohns an’ thought he was slick.

I crawled out’a the water an’ reached for my Colt,
But the smell of the coyote made my ol’ pony bolt.
So I’m standin’ there whistlin’ for my wanderin’ hoss
An’ that coyote’s a grinnin’ with my drawers in his jaws.

I eared back the hammer an’ fired a shot,
But the farther I missed him the closer I got.
I caught up to my hoss an’ I reined him in tight,
But by then that ol’ coyote was nowhere in sight.

I learned me a valuable lesson that day,
About takin’ a bath on the prairie that way,
So next time I’m dirty I won’t take the chance
I’ll just use the horse trough back at the ranch.

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