Saturday, April 14, 2012

Howdy, Madtown Mob! Well, it's Saturday, so what are ya doin' on the computer??? I've been told that "you can't take me anywhere" so often that I've decided to change, so here's my new kinder, gentler ME!

By me.

I used to use profanity
To spice up my discourse
One of my very favorites
Would always start with “horse”.

Whenever I would use it
In company polite
I always stood sequestered
The remainder of the night.

But now I’ve changed; become refined
I’ve found out what to say
To express my inner feelings
In a kinder, gentler way.

Whenever I hear something
That’s so shocking and obtuse
That it instantly reminds me
Of the back end of a moose

I never use profanity
For now I simply say
“That’s just so much OBAMA”
Then I turn and walk away.

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