Thursday, April 5, 2012

Wierd goin's -on here at the Buckshot Ranch!

Around 11:30, my B.F.D. alarm system (Big F-in' Dogs) went nuts. I looked out the window, and spotted 4 people walking down the street. Kind'a unusual out here in the boonies at Midnight... I shined my Q-Beam out the window and lit 'em up, then grabbed my robe and the .38 and headed out front. About that time, an SUV pulled up by my mail box and picked them up, and I kept my Q-Beam on them the whole time. They hauled ass ASAP. I decided to wait out front a while to see what was up, because I thought they may be casin' the neighborhood for a break-in. Dogs were barking down the street, so I lit the area up with the light. Then I heard the sirens... Shortly after that, an ambulance or sheriff's SUV showed up on the next block with lights flashing and stopped on the other side of the big field across the street. Finally, curiosity got the best of me and I called the sheriff. Seems that the idiots hit a power pole down at the corner then took leg bail. Probably kids and their dad picked them up. The sheriff caught 'em just before I called. Now my adrenalin is up, so here I am, typin' instead of snorin'. Hope YOUR night's peaceful!

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