Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Howdy to the Madtown Mob! Have ya ever had a morning like this?

The Morning After
By Buckshot

The morning sun assaults my eyes
and drags me from my sleep,
my scooter’s lying on its side
the kickstand sunk in deep.
There’s a woman lying next to me
wrapped in my embrace,
I hesitate to move her hair;
I don’t want to see her face.

Something ain’t exactly right,
my lip feels kind’a fat
my left eye’s just a swollen slit,
now how did I get that?
Did we have a good time
or did it all go bad?
I hope this chick remembers some
of the night we must’ve had.

My bones sound like Rice Crispies
as I struggle to one knee,
my bladder’s stretched like bagpipes
and I need to find a tree.
Somebody stoke the fire up
and put some coffee on!
if that ain’t still the sunset,
then I guess it must be dawn.

My lady friend is wakin’ up
and brushin’ back her hair
her face don’t look too bad at all
so I guess I’m lucky there.
She looks real young so maybe I’ll
take her back to where I got her.
What’s that, Honey? OH MY GOD!
you’re NOT the sheriff’s daughter!

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