Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Good morning, Madtown Mob! They say that "politics makes for strange bedfellows", and I fear that the Feds are sleeping with the enemy!

How many of you Mobbers would mind showing your ID at the polls if it would ensure honest elections? I know I wouldn't, since I have to show it to use a credit card, cash a check, etc.
The current administration is trying to undermine America's sovereignty in any way possible to advance their "one world" agenda, and allowing illegals to vote has brought them closer to accomplishing that goal. They know that to hold their omnipotent power over you and me, they have to employ every sneaky tactic in the book, including allowing members of Mexico's drug cartels to vote, and influence our elections, so they can continue their murders, terrorism,  and drug operations in our South-Western states. Through Eric Holder, they've even supplied the cartels with weapons to get their cooperation, thinking they wouldn't get caught. I guess when your war chest is low, it's "any old port in a storm" as the sailors used to say.
When individual states have to sue the federal government to enforce the law, there is something very sinister afoot, and the hierarchy in Washington needs to be purged before we, as Americans, totally lose control of our nation!

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