Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day, Madtown Mob!! Hope your weekend is crime-free, even in Fresno!

In the newspaper today, there was an editorial expressing shock that the violent crime rate in Fresno was rising dramatically. Unfortunately, that's happening all over California, with carjackings, muggings, killings, home invasions, burglaries, and other crimes against the public running rampant. Have you ever asked yourself why, and who's to blame? When criminals are released from jail repeatedly they soon realize that there are NO consequences for their actions, and the violence of those actions increases exponentially every time they escape any punishment for their crimes. Just like a dog that shits on the carpet, it will continue as long as it's allowed to. The police are just as frustrated as we are, but their hands are tied.
So... Why are career criminals put back on the streets to prey on you, me, and our families? Because the "party of handouts" also appoints liberal soft-on-crime judges who put the rights of career criminals above the safety of the public! Why are criminals who kill, rob, rape, and terrorize us more deserving of comfort than our military who live in tents in 115 degree Middle-Eastern deserts?
If we want handouts, if we want illegal aliens and dead people voting in our elections, if we want more feeding at the public trough, if we want to risk our lives every day by just being alive, continue to vote for the same old people and policies. Continue to allow liberal judges to be appointed to the bench. The next time someone breaks into your home and robs you; the next time your car is stolen at gunpoint, the next time you get mugged in a shopping mall parking lot, remember: We get what we vote for, and we have nobody to blame but ourselves for crime in California!
So, what's the solution? First, we elect new faces. Kick incumbents from BOTH parties to the curb; they're the ones who put us in this situation. Second, elect new faces who will build prisons to hold these "inmates"
(I really HATE that term. They're prisoners in jail, NOT inmates at an inn.) and appoint judges that will put them there and KEEP them there. An extra benefit would be jobs created in construction and enforcement.
To pay for a large part of the construction and the guarding of these facilities, we need to impose drug testing for all recipients of public assistance. That alone would save millions of dollars annually, and since I had to undergo random testing at work to earn their "rocking chair" money for them, they should have to undergo random testing to receive it! Within a week of implementing this, most of the multi-generational societal leaches who have been sucking the public teat for far too long will depart California for states that still allow this kind of taxpayer abuse to happen.
Finally, we need to pass legislation by an OVERWHELMING margin to stop politicians from accepting millions in campaign funds starting immediately after elections. Their campaigns, including accepting contributions,  should be limited to 6 months before any election. They need to be focused on the needs of We, The People, not the next election!

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